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Hey folks, I just updated my site with a few newish pieces of art. The Thor piece (It Might Burn) was done for Escapade 2013 and the Magnificent 7 piece (At Chris's) was done about 16 years ago and then removed fairly quickly as I thought it wasn't as good as it should be. The art can be found at:

It Might Burn

At Chris's

And one of these days I'll remember not to hit 'enter' before I'm not finished with the post.

Happy Holidays!

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Just got back from Escapade and am posting brief con report (brief being the operative word):

It was great traveling with Blackbird and GwynR and seeing fab Palm Springs. We geeked out on mid-Mod design, took some pics of the desert and then went back to LA. The con was wonderful—I actually managed to talk to few people and introduced myself to a few more (always a lot of stress). There was also the bonus of a Destina sighting—so amazing and cool!:) Yay, for Destina!

The panels for the most part were fun as was the vid show (great Pacific Rim vids and a Paul Walker tribute that had me teary-eyed). I also managed to get a new pic into the art show (Thor/Loki)—I'll post it sometime in the fall.

BTW, if anyone has recs for Thor/Loki, I'd really appreciate it. I haven't wanted to read fanfic for a very long time and to be honest, I'm sort of picky. I've already run into a couple stories that depressed me. Basically, I want to read stories that treat Thor as a reasonably smart person—Thor or Jane bashing just makes me tired. I like Loki, but a LokiWhoCanDoNoWrong isn't what I'm looking for. If there are no stories out there like that, well, I'm just going to have to write my own:)

Hope you all are well. Welcome to my new/sort-of-new friends:)


Links to the Pacific Rim vids (I'm linking to their journals):
Brother (Uber wonderful)
King and Lionheart (by Violace—again, just wonderful)

Almost Human
Weapon of Choice (again, perfect and wonderful)

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So, my idea of getting a Dreamwidth account to encourage increased participation with fandom was kind of a bust. I still prefer one-on-one conversations:( But, I'm going to make a renewed effort and try to post once a month:)

To that end, if you're going to be in rainy LA for the Escapade con, please get in touch so we can chat (yay for no snow!!). I'm going to be there Friday-Monday. This year, I'm bringing a single piece of art for the show—it was a quick turn piece but I'm really happy about it. It's Thor/Loki (yeah, I was surprised by that, too)—I'll probably post it online sometime in the fall.

Also, I'll be bringing some postcards for Keiko Kirin's new novelettes (sequels to Safety Net). Keiko will be putting the postcards out in the dealer's room, I believe—you should drop by and get one:)

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Hey folks,

I just uploaded two new(ish) pieces of art to my new site. Both were done for this year's Escapade Con. The first is for X-Men: First Class (Topeka: Waiting on Charles), and is Charles/Erik. The second is for the movie The Eagle, is titled Pia Fidelis Amare and is Marcus/Esca. Bot can be found under the 'Fanart/Fandom of One' navigation menu at Xworks.


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 You know what I hope to live long enough to see? A whole-world device that's virtually connected to my brain so I don't have adapt, log in, thinkify, adjust, develop, etc., etc. Because this posting thing is so hard—I don't see how you guys do this everyday:) It's truly difficult, having to remember to update, etc. Which tells you more about my state of mind than anything else, right? So sad:(

Anyway, I still need to hook up with other journals, etc. but haven't figured that out yet. Will do that soon, probably after I finish updating and uploading my new site (yay, new site and yay, Keiko!!).

I just posted two new stories for the movie/play Coriolanus and for the show, Criminal Minds. Both can be found at A03 (x_art) and my site (xworks). If you read the former, I hope you enjoy it. Hell, I just hope you've seen the movie—it's freakishly homoerotic (freakish in a really good way).

And, before I forget, I know this is late and you all have probably already ready it, but I wanted to link to Gwyn's Pacific Rim story Other Ways of Speaking. It's fab and definitely a great fix-it for the movie:) 

Hope you all are doing well—if you want to find out how I'm doing, just think real hard—I'll be sitting at home, trying to catch your brainwaves:D

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Hey folks,

I just uploaded a story to the A03. It's Pacific Rim, Stacker Pentecost/Hercules Hansen and takes place after the movie. For those of you who have seen the movie, you'll know what that means:)  

I'm not sure if people use cut tags to post a link but until I figure out how to do that, I'm posting it below. Thanks, Perfica, for helping me to remember what the purpose of this journal is:D

The White, White Drift  (It was one thing to speculate about his eventual death, a completely different thing to actually live it.)

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Hey guys, I've just started diving into this thing—I'll probably be slow and make mistakes—just a head's up:)


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