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xworks ([personal profile] xworks) wrote2013-08-24 02:59 pm
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Trying to be Good (i.e., updating this thing with updates)

 You know what I hope to live long enough to see? A whole-world device that's virtually connected to my brain so I don't have adapt, log in, thinkify, adjust, develop, etc., etc. Because this posting thing is so hard—I don't see how you guys do this everyday:) It's truly difficult, having to remember to update, etc. Which tells you more about my state of mind than anything else, right? So sad:(

Anyway, I still need to hook up with other journals, etc. but haven't figured that out yet. Will do that soon, probably after I finish updating and uploading my new site (yay, new site and yay, Keiko!!).

I just posted two new stories for the movie/play Coriolanus and for the show, Criminal Minds. Both can be found at A03 (x_art) and my site (xworks). If you read the former, I hope you enjoy it. Hell, I just hope you've seen the movie—it's freakishly homoerotic (freakish in a really good way).

And, before I forget, I know this is late and you all have probably already ready it, but I wanted to link to Gwyn's Pacific Rim story Other Ways of Speaking. It's fab and definitely a great fix-it for the movie:) 

Hope you all are doing well—if you want to find out how I'm doing, just think real hard—I'll be sitting at home, trying to catch your brainwaves:D

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