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Just got back from Escapade and am posting brief con report (brief being the operative word):

It was great traveling with Blackbird and GwynR and seeing fab Palm Springs. We geeked out on mid-Mod design, took some pics of the desert and then went back to LA. The con was wonderful—I actually managed to talk to few people and introduced myself to a few more (always a lot of stress). There was also the bonus of a Destina sighting—so amazing and cool!:) Yay, for Destina!

The panels for the most part were fun as was the vid show (great Pacific Rim vids and a Paul Walker tribute that had me teary-eyed). I also managed to get a new pic into the art show (Thor/Loki)—I'll post it sometime in the fall.

BTW, if anyone has recs for Thor/Loki, I'd really appreciate it. I haven't wanted to read fanfic for a very long time and to be honest, I'm sort of picky. I've already run into a couple stories that depressed me. Basically, I want to read stories that treat Thor as a reasonably smart person—Thor or Jane bashing just makes me tired. I like Loki, but a LokiWhoCanDoNoWrong isn't what I'm looking for. If there are no stories out there like that, well, I'm just going to have to write my own:)

Hope you all are well. Welcome to my new/sort-of-new friends:)


Links to the Pacific Rim vids (I'm linking to their journals):
Brother (Uber wonderful)
King and Lionheart (by Violace—again, just wonderful)

Almost Human
Weapon of Choice (again, perfect and wonderful)


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